Gatwick Terminal Changes

British Airways, Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic all move in the coming weeks at Gatwick airport.

Gatwick over recent years has been a massive change in the way it operates.  New signage, different layouts and relocation of services have all improved the customer experience.  Anyone who has used the airport since it was sold by BAA will have noticed the difference.

The following changes are taking place.

From 24th January 2017

All Easyjet flights will depart from the North Terminal, no Easyjet services will run from the South.  At present their flights are split across both.

From 25th January 2017

All British Airways flights will depart from the South Terminal
All Virgin Atlantic flights will depart from the North Terminal

If you booked your flights sometime ago then the information may be incorrect on your booking confirmation so check with the airport or your airline if you are unsure.

There is a free shuttle service between terminals should you find yourself at the wrong building.

The changes will also mean that Virgin and BA have new lounge offerings.  We will be covering their new facilities in subsequent posts.


Main image by Tim Sheerman-Chase

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