You really do get a better deal buying Euros online

This morning we had an email from a customer who ordered  £2000 of Euros on Friday that were delivered yesterday from one of the companies in our comparison table.
Nothing unusual about that, hundreds of people donthat every week, however they was a convert.
“I have always gone to the same place on the high street, its a tiny store but they know me and I always thought I was getting a good deal… a friend mentioned HolidayCurrencyExchange having used you so I looked at the rates and ordered from one of the companies listed on your site. WOW. My usual exchange of £2000 got me an extra
€260 and free next day delivery.”
We checked this out this morning and yes with a rate of 1.38 £2000 will get you €2760 whereas some high street stores and airport currency exchanges will only give you €2450-€2500. Thats a massive difference.
It pays to compare before you buy.
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