EU mobile roaming charges reduced from today!

Great news for anyone who uses their mobile in Europe, from today roaming charges are dropping.  There are new limits imposed which is good new for everyone, but beware as charges can still mount up.  Remember the following only applies in Europe and not elsewhere in the world.

The new limits are:

Incoming calls
Capped at €0.05 (5p including VAT) per minute
(was previously €0.07/min (6p including VAT)

Outgoing callsCapped at €0.19 (19p including VAT) per minute
(was previously €0.24/min (24p including VAT)

DataCapped at €0.20 (20p including VAT) per megabyte
(was previously €0.45/MB (46p including VAT)

Monthly Data LimitThe maximum you can be charged in one month for using data in the EU before it’s cut off remains at €50 (£49 including VAT), this is the same since 2010.  Your provider will be able to give more details on how it notifies you of this

TextsCapped at €0.06 (5p including VAT) per text
(was previously €0.08/text (8p including VAT)

Read our previous post about roaming charges.  If you are travelling to Europe, don’t forget to compare Euro rates from the best UK currency providers.

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