Is taking cash to Greece a good idea?

So, the UK government is advising that you take extra cash when you go to Greece at the moment.  This is due to the ever changing situation i the country with regards to its financial stability.

All sounds good, except this is assuming you have the means of getting the cash to take and not use your credit or debit card when in Greece.

We’ve always said that taking getting holiday cash will get you the best rate.  It is consistently better than the rate you will get on any debit or credit card and puts you in complete control of your spending.

But, with everyone being advised to take extra Euros and the banks limiting the amount that can be withdrawn from cash machines, where does this leave you in terms of safety and most importantly your travel insurance cover.

Most travel insurance policies will cover you upto £200 in local currency, although many have now upped this to £500 or £1000.  The BBC recently had an article that suggested for a family staying in a hotel where food is provided that £500/week would on average cover a families needs.  This of course will vary drastically from one family to another, but is a good guideline.

So remember the following:
• Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance and cover for cash
• Carry your passport with you at all times
• Take all the cash you need with you, after comparing Euro rates with us of course!
• Take enough of any regular medicine you need to to last the trip

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