Changes to Wizz Air baggage allowance

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Wizz Air has made a further change to its free baggage allowance once again.  The second time in 2018 that the airline has made a change.

This means you can only able to take one handbag-sized carry-on into the cabin and that payment is required if you wish to put a larger bag in the hold.

Currently non-priority travellers can bring bags that are under 40cm x 30cm x 20cm into the cabin and that bags that are under 55cm x 40cm x 23 are put into the hold for free.

What are the new charges?

Wizz Priority Passengers (cost is currently between £4 and £13)

These are allowed to bring a small suitcase, upto 10kg and be smaller than 55cm x 40cm x 23cm on board, as well as an additional piece of hand luggage of up to 40cm x 30cm x 20cm.

Non Wizz Priority Passengers

These are allowed one piece of hand luggage, upto 10kg and be smaller than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm.  If your bag is larger than this it must go into the hold for a fee – if the bag weighs less than 10kg, it’ll cost a £6 (€7).

What if I have already booked to travel after 1st November?

If you you made a your booking before 10 October 2018 and are travelling after the new rules come in on 1 November, you’ll be given a 10kg checked bag for free.  If you already reserved a checked bag then you will get upgraded to Wizz Priority for free – this includes a 10kg bag (which can be taken into the cabin), as well as priority check-in and boarding.

If you booked after 10 October and your flight is after 1 November, you’ll need to pay if you want to bring a 10kg checked bag.

Further information

Wizz Air Baggage information

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Main image – Wizz Air HA-LPO A320 Coventry by Rob Hodgkins

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