Cycling in Madrid

Cycle Hire in Madrid

Madrid is a lovely city, the capital of Spain and a real must for anyone who loves to explore.  Its position and height mean that its a great all year round destination.


Getting to Madrid

Madrid is easy to get to with his massive Madrid-Barajas airport offering a huge selection of regional and international flights through to the ample train links with other cities throughout Europe to its several main train stations there isn’t much holding you back from getting there, but what do you do when you are there?


Getting around


There is no shortage of galleries, museums, bars, cafes, shops and parks to explore – the city is big but most things are easily accessible by walking, underground, bus


– or bike!


City bikes

There are (BiciMad) bike rental stations everywhere throughout Madrid.  There are 1,560 bikes and 123 docking stations throughout the city.  The bikes are electric offering a sustainable, easy way to travel around.  Passes for tourists are available for 1, 3 or 5 days, these cost 15euros as a kind of deposit, but you get that back when the card expires and if you have returned the bike.  In addition there is a per use charge, this is low, around 2euros for the first hour.  Its worth checking their website or docking stations for current pricing.


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