Black Friday Currency Rates

We’ve already seen a few claims of ‘sale rates’, ‘Best Rates of the Year’, ‘Unbeatable Rates’, but are they true.  In all honesty, there are some good rates around, but also the rates have increased anyway.

The pound against the Euro is better than its been for days and the Dollar rate too so perhaps a case of good timing.  One thing is for sure, the autumn statement didn’t bring a huge amount of joy, either immediately or in its outlook for 2017 and whilst rates are on the slight increase there is no telling what December and 2017 will bring.  If you already have a trip planned then now would probably be a good time to order your currency.

Later today we’ll be posting some of our findings on the best holiday deals available this weekend.  Lots of tour operators have great offers at the moment and we’ll round those up into a post.

In the meantime remember to use Holiday Currency Exchange to compare your foreign exchange rates.

Compare and Find Todays Best Euro Exchange Rates
Compare and Find Todays Best US Dollar Exchange Rates
Compare and Find Todays Best Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates

Remember; just because one company offers the best Euro rates doesn’t automatically mean they will have the best US Dollar rate too – compare each currency you need each time you need it.

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