Will Spain run out of holidays?

There has been a lot of news (scaremongering?) in the news lately about the number of holidays left to Spain.  Many reports of flights being fully booked, hotels unavailable and the big tour operators being unable to cope with demand for holidays to Spain.

It is true that holiday sales to other destinations are lower than usual. With Egypt and Tunisia not currently an option for many and a lot of people choosing to avoid Turkey and Greece then Spain is the next natural destination for Brits looking for a summer holiday.

First choice reflect this with their current deals, £40 off summer holidays and £60 off holidays to Turkey this summer, thats per adult and they are still offering free child places.  If you aren’t worried about travelling to Greece or Turkey there are some amazing deals around to be had.

If you are looking to travel to Spain and want a package holiday, will they run out – probably not.  However the options available will of course become less and less.  One thing is for sure is that we are likely to see some of the routes that are proving most popular will have extra flights layed on by the low cost airlines to cope with demand and some to other destinations dropped.

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