EHIC cards

Lots of people have heard of the EHIC card (previously E111).

You need to register to get a card (which is free) and then the European Health Insurance Card entitles you to treatment in state hospitals and GPs in the EU and Switzerland. The treatment you recieve will not always be free as we are used to in the UK, but you will pay the same as that country’s citizens.

Millions of people either don’t have a card or they have expired, so if have have not got one then follow the link below to get one or if its expired or you have lost it them contact them on the number below to get a replacement.

To get or renew a card go to or call 0300 330 1350.

These cards are FREE, please do not order your card from anywhere that charges or offers to submit the request on your behalf as these are scam websites.

As always if you are heading to Europe then get the best rate on your Euros.

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