Apple raise prices and blame exchange rates

Apple have put the prices of some of their products up by around 20% and blamed current exchange rates.

Apple have increased prices this week. The 12″ MacBook Air went up from £1,049 to £1,249 – an increase of 19%. The 13″ version web from £999 to £1,249.

The pound has dropped 18% against the US dollar since the EU referendum in June.

It’ll be interesting to see if other companies follow Apples direction. Its yet to be seen how this all pans out for those travelling abroad and looking to purchase electronic goods.

Pound makes strong gains against Dollar

The pound has strengthened sharply against the US Dollar in early trading this morning, bouncing back from last week’s losses.

Earlier today the pound was more than two cents higher against the dollar at $1.4595 and at one point was trading as high as $1.4621, last week the amount was lower.

This weeks is likely to see some big moves against all currencies, both up and down with the vote to stay in the European Union on Thursday.

US Dollar rates in January 2016

So, the Dollar remained pretty steady throughout January with it hitting a low on 24th January.  The best rate available rate that day was from Travel FX and was £1/$1.401.  At the moment (1st Feb) its sitting at £1/$1.409.

You can see the graph below showing the movement over the last 18 months with a steady downward trend.

Holiday sales to the US appear to be a little lower too, with many travel companies offering sales and special rates even now, whereas in 2014 and 2015 some of them stopped in January.

Hopefully the low oil prices will see flight prices drop which will make it cheaper to get to america, even if things are slightly more expensive when you are there.

See the current Best US Dollar Rates.

January 2015 US Dollar Rate Roundup

The US Dollar has stayed pretty stable this month with only a few cents variation over the last 30 days.
As of this morning the US Dollar is currently about half a percent higher than it was at the start of January with todays best US Dollar rate at 1.4848. This converts to you getting around $8 more US Dollars Euros for every £1000 you exchange.
The peak was 1.499 on 27th January.