High Street (not so great) Currency Deals

We carried out a price check today of the rates on offer in 5 locations for US Dollars and Euros. It confirmed what we repeat time and time again; you should always compare rates and should always plan ahead and not buy at the last minute.

A number of the companies we list allow you to reserve and collect within an hour anyway, so you will get the great online rate whilst the convenience of collecting almost immediately on your high street.

Rates compared at 5pm on Wednesday 4th January 2017

EUR rates
Best online Euro rate – 1.1580
Hemel Hempstead – 1.0954
Manchester – 1.10
Leicester Square, London – 1.08

USD rates
Best online US Dollate rate – 1.2146
Hemel Hempstead – 1.163
Manchester – 1.16
Leicester Square, London – 1.15

Still buying Euros on the high street?

We occasionally get emails from people who say they wish they’d  compared rates or shopped around sooner.  They have just bought Euros or Dollars at a local bureau de change  or high street retailer only to be told they could have got a lot more if they’d  compared and bought online.
Remember, if you are concerned about placing an order and paying online or don’t  think there is time to wait for delivery then reserve and collect is the way for you.
A better rate and the option to go in store and collect what you’d reserved.