Always check rate threshold

We always talk about getting the best rate ans most people will look at their favourite high street bank, supermarket or currency exchange shop first.

Our comparison tables help you to see where they sit amongst the other providors too.

However, it is always worth comparing what rate you would get if you go into the next range of rate and/or delivery charge.

For example. You may see a rate of 1.16 of a currency for every £ and also find that you are paying a delivery charge of £4.99 if you ordered £490 of that currency.

However, change that to order £501 and you may get a better rate of say 1.18 and not pay delivery.

Our comparison tables always take into effect delivery charges to show you the effective rate if you remove that from the total you have to pay and will get.  It is worth looking at the companies page to see what their thresholds are for rates and deliveries.

Comparison of Euro rates on offer at 5pm today

We did a quick check of Euro currency rates available today at 5pm and compared online providers along with the rate you would get if you turned up at the Post Office, a Bureau de Change at Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport, along with the rates on offer from these if you reserve and collect.

The rate difference today wasnt as extreme as some days, but the savings are still worthwhile.  Changing £1000 you could get an extra 50euros today by pre-ordering and getting this delivered ratehr than just getting your travel money at the airport.

The following shows the rates on offer and the amount you would get if you changed £1000 at 5pm on 19th October 2015:

Travel FX 1.3467 €1346.70
ACE-FX 1.3430 €1343.00
Gatwick Airport Bureau de Change pre-order 1.3400 €1340.00
Post Office 1.3315 €1331.50
Gatwick Airport Bureau de Change 1.3017 €1301.70
Heathrow Airport Bureau de Change 1.2967 €1296.70

It always pays to compare Euro rates and pre-order.  Even if you have left it to the last minute reserve and collect to get a better rate than just arriving at the airport and exchanging your money for your travel cash.
We will be comparing more rates in the future

Don’t be fooled by high street rates

This was the rate board outside a high street bureaux de change in central London yesterday:

Bureaux de Change rate board

This  compares with the best available rates online yesterday of:
Euro – 1.401
US Dollar – 1.57
Japanese Yen – 1.92

The rates were good on the high street but not as good as online and also there was a minimum £1000 spend in this particular store to get those rates.  The minimum spend for the above rates online was £250.

Always compare before you buy, order online or reserve online and collect rather than just walk to your nearest travel money broker to get your foreign currency.

Still buying Euros on the high street?

We occasionally get emails from people who say they wish they’d  compared rates or shopped around sooner.  They have just bought Euros or Dollars at a local bureau de change  or high street retailer only to be told they could have got a lot more if they’d  compared and bought online.
Remember, if you are concerned about placing an order and paying online or don’t  think there is time to wait for delivery then reserve and collect is the way for you.
A better rate and the option to go in store and collect what you’d reserved.

UK schools spring break

Lots of school have their spring break at the same time this year.

Monday 7th April 2014 to Monday 21st April 2014

If you’re going away during this time and need money for your travels then make sure you compare with us before you travel and don’t leave it until you get the airport to buy your holiday money.  Some tip rates to compare.

Euro Easter Break
Easter Break needing US Dollars
Turkish Lira rate compare