Always check rate threshold

We always talk about getting the best rate ans most people will look at their favourite high street bank, supermarket or currency exchange shop first.

Our comparison tables help you to see where they sit amongst the other providors too.

However, it is always worth comparing what rate you would get if you go into the next range of rate and/or delivery charge.

For example. You may see a rate of 1.16 of a currency for every £ and also find that you are paying a delivery charge of £4.99 if you ordered £490 of that currency.

However, change that to order £501 and you may get a better rate of say 1.18 and not pay delivery.

Our comparison tables always take into effect delivery charges to show you the effective rate if you remove that from the total you have to pay and will get.  It is worth looking at the companies page to see what their thresholds are for rates and deliveries.

Currency Payday Deals

It is the start of the month and for many its payday weekend.  The currency suppliers of the UK often recognise this and adjust their rates accordingly.  Sometime they will offer better rates than usual, so its worth looking around.

The last week of March is traditionally one of the busiest for summer holiday bookings, so if you’ve booked your holiday don’t forget to reserve your travel cash.

Best Euro Rate today is 1.2321 from Travel FX
Best US Dollar rate today is 1.4040 from Travel FX
Best Thai Bhart rate today is 49.0384 from Travel FX
Best Turkish Lira rate today is 3.90 from Ace FX