Bournemouth airport – an overview

Bournemouth Airport, the perfect starting point for your seamless travel and unforgettable adventures! Nestled on the stunning south coast of England, Bournemouth Airport offers a convenient and hassle-free alternative for both leisure and business travelers. In this blog post, we will explore the captivating details about Bournemouth Airport’s location, transportation options, popular destinations, airlines that operate from here, and other essential information to enhance your travel experience.

Location and How to Get There:

Bournemouth Airport is located just four miles (6.4 km) north-northeast of Bournemouth town center in Hurn, Christchurch. Its prime location along the south coast of England makes it easily accessible for travelers from the surrounding areas.

Getting to Bournemouth Airport is a breeze! Here are a few transportation options to consider:

  1. By Car: Bournemouth Airport is conveniently situated near major road networks, making it easily accessible by car. The airport is located just off the A338, which connects to the A31 and M27 motorways. Ample parking facilities are available, including short-stay, long-stay, and drop-off options, ensuring a hassle-free experience for drivers.
  2. By Train: Bournemouth Airport is not directly connected to a train station. However, the airport is easily accessible from Bournemouth Railway Station, which is well-served by regular train services from London Waterloo and other major cities. From the railway station, you can take a short taxi or bus ride to the airport.

Destinations and Airlines:

Despite its size, Bournemouth Airport offers an impressive range of destinations and airlines, ensuring a diverse range of travel options. Whether you’re seeking a sunny beach retreat, a cultural city break, or a business trip, Bournemouth Airport has you covered. Here are some popular destinations available from Bournemouth Airport:

  1. Palma de Mallorca, Spain: Experience the stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich history of Palma de Mallorca with regular flights operated by Ryanair.
  2. Faro, Portugal: Indulge in the beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine of the Algarve region with flights provided by TUI Airways.
  3. Geneva, Switzerland: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities of the Swiss Alps with seasonal flights operated by easyJet.
  4. Dublin, Ireland: Explore the vibrant Irish capital with regular flights provided by Ryanair, connecting you to Dublin’s rich history, bustling pubs, and friendly atmosphere.
  5. Alicante, Spain: Bask in the Mediterranean sunshine and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Alicante with flights operated by Ryanair.

These are just a few examples of the exciting destinations you can reach from Bournemouth Airport. Be sure to check the airport’s official website for the most up-to-date information on destinations and airlines.

Other Useful Information:

  1. Car Parking: Bournemouth Airport offers a range of parking options to suit your needs. Whether you require short-stay, long-stay, or priority parking, the airport provides convenient and secure facilities. It is advisable to pre-book parking in advance to secure the best rates and ensure availability during peak travel periods.
  2. Terminal Facilities: Bournemouth Airport may be compact, but it offers modern facilities to ensure your travel experience is comfortable and enjoyable. From cozy seating areas and complimentary Wi-Fi to a variety of dining options and duty-free shopping, the airport provides all the amenities you need before your flight.
  3. Accessibility: Bournemouth Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities for all passengers. The terminal building features accessible toilets, ramps, and designated parking spaces. Passengers requiring special assistance should notify their airline in advance to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey.

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