Cancelled Ryanair Flights

Ryanair aircraft

Ryanair have been in the news this week – this time for cancelling flights.  It seems that they have some staffing issues with not enough pilots available for the numb er of timetabled flights.


Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary has said they face a huge compensation bill as over 2000 flights have been listed as cancelled over the coming weeks.  Initially they said that a number of flights would be cancelled a day (around 40 -50) but wouldn’t say which were affected until the day.  They have now been pressured into releasing the full list.


If you are one of the affected passengers what are your rights and what can you do and some useful questions and answers

With an estimated 400,000 bookings affected its useful to know your rights if you are one of the people on a flight that is listed.


What happens if my flight is cancelled?

Ryanair will offer an alternative flight, this is “subject to seat availability”.  You need to either accept that or get a refund.  Its worth remembering that there will be a lot of people in the same situation, so it may not be possible to find another flight with Ryanair (or possibly some other airlines) in the coming weeks tot hose detinations.  Anyone who is “not satisfied with alternative flights can have a full refund and be entitled to compensation”.


How do I know if my flight is cancelled?

Customers will get an email to the email address that was entered at the time of booking.  Ryanair have said that most of these have now been sent out.

What compensation am I entitled to if my flight is cancelled?

Cancelled EU flights up to 1,500km get £220.  If the flight route is longer you are entitled to £353.


Will my hotel bills get paid if I am stuck abroad?

Airlines must cover reasonable hotel and meal costs if you are stranded. You should keep all of your receipts for your claim.  Note this doesn’t mean you can splash out on a 5* hotel and gourmet meals.

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