Airline charges for wifi

More and more airlines are offering wifi (and mobile networks) on their aircraft, but the pricing varies drastically.  We take a quick look at what is on offer from some below, detailing their prices and options.  It is worth noting that services vary from aircraft to aircraft too so check with your airline before you fly for the most up to date information on services and pricing.

Aer Lingus:
£5.85 per hour or £11 per flight; free for business class

American Airlines:Domestic (US) – £10 for an all-day pass and £33 for a monthly pass
International – £8 for two hours, £11.50 for four hours or £12.75 for a full flight

Delta Air Lines:
£13.50 for 60 minutes on a laptop/tablet, £27 for a full flight on a laptop/tablet
£10 for 60 minutes on a mobile, £20 for a full flight on a mobile
10MB of data free, with an extra 500MB for 65p on Airbus A380 aircraft 
£3.50 for one hour or £11 for the entire flight on its Airbus A350, free for business class
Free service on flights within Europe, not available on transatlantic flights
Qatar Airways:
Shorter distances – free for the first 15 minutes, then £3.50 for one hour or £7 for three hours
Long haul – flat fee of £14 for the duration of the flight
Southwest Airlines:
£5.40 a day 

Virgin Atlantic:
£14.99 per flight

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