Male International Airport, Maldives

Main runway

Male International Airport in the Maldives, whose official name is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport provides one of the most spectacular starts to any holiday.

The arrival into the single runway airport sees you coming in over the beautiful Indian Ocean before landing at the tiny airport with the sea clearly visible on both sides of the aircraft.
The airport is the gateway for international visitors to the Maldives.  It has three terminals, International, Internal and the Seaplane terminal.
The airport is about 6ft above sea level and gives visitors the great welcome to the Maldives.  It is close to the capital Male which is just a short boat ride over to the main island.
For most international visitors they will arrive, collect their luggage and then go on to either a speedboat, ferry (Dhoni) or seaplane transfer to their resort.
Boat transfers you will usually be greeted by hotel staff at a hotel desk and then taken to your boat where you luggage will also be loaded for you and you are then taken to the island that you are staying on.  Transfer times vary from 20mins to a few hours depending on the island and the atoll that your resort is in.
Typical Maldivian Seaplane
Sea plane transfers require you to walk through to the seaplane terminal. Your luggage (and you) are weighed and then you are asked to wait for your transfer flight to your island.  You and your luggage are weighed so that they can distribute the weight evenly on the aircraft and before you know it you will be whisked away to your holiday resort.
There are are free internet kiosks but no wifi (at present).  Lounge access is available to everyone for a charge of £20 per person.  ATMs are located at the arrival gates, food and drink a small store and a pharmacy are all available along with a prayer room and showers.
We would recommend these three airport hotels if you need a stopover at the airport before or after your flight; Hulhule Island Hotel, Iberry Inn and Hotel UI Inn.
If you are heading to the Maldives the official currency is the Rufiyah, although most places typically accept US Dollars.  This is changing and most larger resorts and places in the capital will accept Sterling, Euros and Yen.

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