DVLA Scrapping Paper Part of Driving Licence

DVLA are scrapping the paper part of the UK driving licence from 8 June 2015.

If you already hold a paper counterpart then after 8 June 2015 it will no longer be valid or have any legal status. DVLA are advising people to destroy the paper counterpart after this date but you must still keep your current photocard driving licence.

DVLA have issued a video which is aimed at those hiring cars.  Traditionally many hire companies have asked for the paper counterpart as this keeps details of endorsements etc.  Some companies may not be aware of the change in UK law or indeed may try and say you need extra insurance or extra cover if you do not show your paper counterpart.  You do not need to do this and your photo licence should be sufficient.  Please do check terms and conditions when you book your hire car and don’t be caught out.

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