What currency do I need for Egypt?

There is always confusion about Egypt, some people say you need local currency, some just take US Dollars and others may just take sterling, so what should you take?
Simple answer – Egyptian Pounds, US Dollars or Sterling are all accepted
Egypt has done well since the introduction of the Euro as, when the rate hasn’t been great lots of holiday makers have avoided the Eurozone.  Egypt is perfectly positioned from the UK as its mid-haul in terms of light times (around 5hrs), has dry and hot weather most of the year and has its own currency.

Of course, the majority of people visiting the country for the tourist beaches will stay in all inclusive resorts so spending money isn’t so important, but taking some local currency will still be useful for any gifts, meals or drinks away from your hotel or day trips you may want to book.

The exchange rate you will get in the resorts wont be great so you are best to change up some money before you go.

Find out the current £/Egyptian Pound rate and get the best deal from the best UK currency suppliers.

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