Airport Hotel stay with Parking

Following on from our previous post about getting to and from the airport, we explore the airport hotel stay and parking option.

This has been popular for a long time, but with the rise of on-site hotels is becoming even easier than before.  it can also be a more relaxed way to start your holiday, especially if your flight is early in the morning.

The Detail – How does Hotel stay and Park work?

  • You pre-book and pre-pay
  • You drive to the hotel and park
  • You stay in the hotel the night before you fly
  • You leave your car in the hotel car park
  • You either walk to the terminal or get a shuttle bus
  • When you return you either walk back to your car or get a shuttle bus back to the hotel to then collect your car


Costs vary, as with all airport parking options, but hotel stay and park can often be cheaper than just parking.  This is simply because the hotel would like you to stay with them and hopefully spend some money or dinner, breakfast and drinks which may or may not be included in your room rate.

What to Check

Check the total price and compare with other options.  Do make sure you know which terminal you are flying from as this might affect which hotel you would like to stay in.  Look at different rates at the hotel as often there are many different rates on offer.

Compare and book Meet and Greet Parking

We recommend Holiday Extras to look for hotels offering stay and park at UK airports.

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