Airport Meet & Greet

Following on from our previous post about getting to and from the airport, we explore the airport meet and greet option.

This is becoming increasingly popular and competitive too, meaning it may be cheaper than you think.

Essentially, you pre-book and pay, drive to the airport in your own car, stop outside the terminal (usually the drop off zone right outside the departures entrance) and hand your car keys over to the driver who will be waiting for you.  After your trip back they will be there, with your car at arrivals zone outside the terminal.  Simple, eh?

The Detail – How does Meet & Greet work?

  • You pre-book and pre-pay
  • You drive to the airport at the time agreed (some ask you to call or text when 15mins away)
  • You pull into the designated zone, usually a the standard drop-off zone or a dedicated area nearby)
  • The companies fully-insured driver will meet you, check your car, make a note of mileage, any damaged etc (the same process as when you hire a car).
  • You unload your luggage and leave the driver your keys.  They then take you car to a nearby parking facility
  • When you return and are at baggage reclaim you call the driver
  • You meet the drive again, collect your keys and load your luggage


Costs vary, as with all airport parking options, but meet and greet can be cheaper than you think.  Sometimes it can be the same price as standard on-site parking and has the added benefit of not needing a transfer to the terminal from the car park.
Many companies also offer extras, such as car-valet whilst its with them.  Some also offer car servicing, repairs and MoTs.

What to Check

Check the total price and compare with other options.  Do make sure you know which terminal you are flying from as this is more important with meet and greet than other parking options.  Check where you car will be stored when you are aware and try and pick parking that has the Park Mark Award.

Compare and book Meet and Greet Parking

We recommend Holiday Extras for comparing Meet and Greet options at UK airports.

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